Soap Ends Sale

Organic Soap Ends

by barebodysoaps on April 15, 2014

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Soap Ends Sale

Soap Ends are back on sale! There are a limited number of soap ends for sale, so get yours now. These ends are a great way to get quality, organic soap for a fraction of the regular price. 

You get ONE POUND of our Organic Soap Ends packaged without boxes in a brown paper bag. They are the ends of the soap logs after I cut them into bars. This is a great way to sample different soaps and to get good, quality organic soap at a deeply discounted price. They range from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch, with an occasion full-sized bar thrown in. The soap ends may or may not have an “ash” on one side.  This is perfectly normal and it is just where the soap was exposed to air.

Soap Ends won’t last, so get yours here.


Starting Seeds Inside

Starting Seeds Inside

by barebodysoaps on April 10, 2014

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Starting Plants Inside

Today I started some seeds inside my home.  Starting plants is easy and economical.  It saves you money to start your plants yourself instead of buying already started plants from the store.  Plus, you can grow organic plants at a fraction of the cost of buying organic produce in the store.

First, you need high quality soil.  I use BACTO professional soil that I can pick up at a local nursery.

BACTO Soil 225x300 Starting Seeds Inside

Fill six-cell planters with soil to the top.  You can get these at any nursery, hardware store, or big box store.

Hand in Soil 300x225 Starting Seeds Inside

Plant one seed in each cell. If you want to start a lot of plants you can plant more seeds per cell per the recommended amount listed on the seed packet, but then you need to separate after they grow a little and re-plant in individual cells.  I don’t have a lot of room, so I only plant one seed per cell.  Then, cover the soil with the recommended amount of soil, which is also stated on the seed packet.  Today I planted peppers which required a 1/4 inch soil cover.

Plant Starting Supplies 300x225 Starting Seeds Inside

Make sure you label each cell with a popsicle stick.  Write the name of the plant and how many days it takes to grow on the stick.  When you transplant your plants into your garden, you can stick the popsicle stick in the ground next to the plants outside and you will know how many days it takes for the plant to mature.  Water your started seeds well.  I use a little watering can a friend gave me.

Little Water Can 300x225 Starting Seeds Inside

Place your planted six-cell containers into a flat.  You can find these at any store that sells gardening supplies.  Place a clear lid on top until the seeds germinate and poke through the soil.

Started Bell Peppers 300x225 Starting Seeds Inside

Place on a shelf with a 4 ft. flourescent light as close as possible to the lid.  This is to keep the soil and seeds warm so they germinate.  Turn the light on when you wake up in the morning and turn the light off when you go to bed.  Once the seeds start poking through the soil, take the lid off and lower the light so it is very close to the plant, but not touching.  Check the soil often to see if it needs watering. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  Write down when you started your plants in a notebook.  It is very important to take notes on start times.  You can refer to the seed packet so you know when to transplant into your garden, so save the seed packets!

That’s it!  I have metal shelves that I bought at Home Depot that I put my started plants on.  These are easy to hang the lights from and fit four flats on each shelf.  I use Johnny Seeds and buy organic seeds.  Their catalogs are great and tell you exactly what to do with your plants.  If you aren’t ready to start seeds yourself yet, order the Johnny’s Seed catalog (it’s free) and start looking at what kinds of plants you might want to grow.  It is filled with great information and makes starting plants inside easy.

Happy Growing!


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